Thursday, November 1, 2012


The next day we got to do some daytime driving through the Finger Lakes and golly! It was soo beautiful. I have never seen such vibrant colors on a tree! We were nestled on a side road pretty far from town. It was super cute though. We chatted up the host talking lightly about tourism, her moving out to California, her dog, oh...and marriage equality. Does it make me a bad person that I don't want people to gush about how they support me? I mean, I am ENORMOUSLY thankful to have people on my side and to live in a world where my "gayness" isn't considered a mental disease by medical professionals and to not have my relationship be illegal. I realize we have come a long way towards equality. Just the same though, I don't feel like I am equal when I have people reassuring me that I am. It's like when I say, "Gah, I am so fat! Look at this belly!" and people are like, "No, no, you're not fat! You're so beautiful!". Sounds great right? Yes. Except that by saying that, you have reaffirmed that fat and pretty are different. I am NOT fat, I am pretty. Nope, I DEF am fat. Also, I am pretty. Also, I am gay. I am glad to have support and encouragement. But, maybe let's not go on and on. It does the same sort of reaffirming that I am different if we need to talk about politics when I tell you I just got married. Aren't you supposed to roll your eyes and tell me about your messy divorce? Or your failed engagement? Or say, "congrats" and only kind of mean it before we go on with our day? I mean, how often does your happy news excite strangers? Usually never. We like being miserable toward each other and hating the happy one. Can't you just feign indifference for my "gay" marriage? I swear it isn't any different that marriage.
   Rant aside, this place was nice! 

Hungarian Crystal from the hosts homeland!
Sunrise was nice too outside our private porch. Though Tarra almost got eaten by the host ladies Great Dane beast dog.  

  We ate at apparently a very fancy restaurant (could have fooled me) that Adrian Brody and Kate Winslet frequent since they both have homes here. It was nice enough and the view would have been fantastic if it weren't dark. Canandigua Lake is the most expensive Lake to live near...huh.
  We left the Very Fancy Lake to get to Niagara. We could see the plume of mist from 5 miles away. Tarra was superduper excited. The U.S. view was pretty awesome, you couldn't quite see everything but- WOW!
The colors!
The rapids!

The falls!

So awesome!

Well, we both excited until we got back  into town. What a shithole. Niagara city looked like NY wine tasted (Bazing!). In all seriousness, it was a mess. Nothing really to eat but cheap hotel food, the park was jenky, you had to pay for EVERYTHING, cheesy gift shops everywhere. We were super unimpressed. We tried the other side of town for food. I got us lost across a detour for an hour looking for an international buffet I saw an ad for on a bus bench. No GPS, No G's on the phone. We settled for whistle pig. I got a cheese covered nasty dog and tarra got a burger plus a moldy bun. LAAAME. That was it for us. We were going to Canada.
I think this part of Canada is known as "Little America"

You had better! It's in french!
   The Canada side was AMAZING! It was like the Vegas Strip had a pretty epic affair with the border and they birthed this touristy, sparkly lighted baby. There was a Hard Rock Cafe, McDonalds, KFC, all the US hotels you could shake a stick at. Even the street said, "Lundy St 'tourist area'". Whatever, there was decent food to be eaten and the good side of the falls to be looked at!

Sushi boat!


Aw, we're cute!
The best was the light show at night! Wowza!

 That morning we were awoken by a fire alarm, though fake, taught me that I prized my camera and Tarra's laptop above all else. Also, in a sleepy panic, Tarra may put her pants on inside out and still struggle to button them. The day was spent back over on the Canada side looking at the falls one last time. We rode the Maid of the Mist and it was pretty much one of the coolest things ever. It was very, being on the top of Half Dome, at Maccu Picchu sort of cool. We have no pictures because it was soaking wet. They put us feet from the falls. The sound! The power! So amazing! Tarra yelled at the falls and told them they were majestic and even though they couldn't say hi back, she understood. I think the whole stress of the trip was worth seeing how excited she was at that moment.
  The next 14 hours were spent in transit. To Buffalo, drop off the car, into the airport, through security, plane, layover, through airport, plane, greet Kelly, drive home... We felt so super gross! Meat and cheese and traveling. Coming home wasn't really great either, we had left our house a disaster zone. Sigh. We were happy to be home though. We had big things coming, and our adventure wasn't over.

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