Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Big Day

On five hours of sleep we hopped out of our bed (carefully navigating the limited bits of floor around the bed) and shuffled down the stairs to the common bathrooms to begin our day. We hurried to get ready- finding dresses, primping and pinning, makeup- we were excited to get going. Our photographer showed up late due to a train delay (thank God) and we started our photo shoot on the rooftop garden. We had a few planned shots on the way to the courthouse, one in the intersection and one on THIS intersection: Canal and Bowery in China Town. Tarra and I had gone to see them at the Hotel Utah in San Fran and it was so magical. We heard it every morning for months on our way to volunteer at Pacific Star Gardens. It was our song of the moment, though the lyrics were a bit off, the chorus was pretty cute, worth a picture. We walked the mile through China Town to the courthouse in our dresses and veils getting congrats as we went. There was a bit more paperwork and a little bit of a wait, but nothing could bother either one of us- the day was just too perfect. We held on to our ticket- C660- and waited to be called.

What a lucky lady I am...

  We were called back into the chapel, nervously excited. This was the moment we had been waiting for. The planning, dress making, packing, two-job working for money- this was it and none of that mattered. I would have done it for 1,000 years to see those blue eyes look at me like that again. I think we have seen hundreds of weddings through movies, TV, magazines, and lived through them as bridesmaids, guests, people of honor, but it was so surreal for us. Tarra made the most shrill squee I have ever heard a human make and I was quietly beaming. The ceremony lasted only a few short minutes, a few short sentences even, but when I heard those two words, though I had heard them so many times, her voice made them so sweet. I have never been so excited to care for someone. I have the privilege to walk next to her for the rest of my life and make sure that she never asks for too little for herself and that she see herself the way I do. It was magic and I am so lucky to call her my wife.
  Sarah Hoppes, our photographer, took us around the Lower East Side for several more hours to take our pictures. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and every time we would stop to take a picture, it was like Sarah was a photo-hydra and six to ten other cameras would appear and take a picture too. We were congratulated by people from: Turkey, Ecuador, France, Holland, Italy, Beijing, Russia... we aren't sure if people were happy for us being married, or gay-married, or that a picture with two white dresses was pretty. Whatever it was, EVERYONE felt compelled to take a picture of us, with us, or yell "CONGRATS" from their bike. It was overwhelming to have such love and support, though completely welcomed. I don't think either of us had ever had more fun or a more perfect day.
  Our last few photo stops were in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. On the way there we stumbled on some fish heads sticking out of the grass and a city worker handed us a 10 pound marble piece of the bridge (but you're not supposed to know-shhhhhhh!). We found an awesome park with slides, a boat, and a sandbox. The pictures should be pretty amazing. We rode the carousel, though Tarra's skirt made things a bit tricky, and got some beautiful shots there.  
  We stopped at Parm for lunch. And OH MY GOD buffalo cucumbers! Fried pizza knots!? So delicious! We left Sarah there and thanked her so much for the most wonderful afternoon. We were so thankful to have someone that not only had such a wonderful gift to make our special day so beautifully captured on film (or megapixes- whatever), but who was a blast to hang out with. She was so authentic and genuine, making sure always that we were comfortable and she really listened to what we wanted.
"This face looked way more awesome in my head!" "I had a vision!!"
  We are so excited for all the pics! Here is a sneak peek! 

Brooklyn Blackout (double chocolate) for the Lady.
  On our way back to the hostel we got plenty more congrats, but what we were really after was sweets. Luckily, we ran into a cupcake shop. How much more fun can anything be than accidental tiny wedding cakes? 
Mott Street for me! (tiramisu flavored)

 Our next stop was Daniel- the coat jacket required sort of place that caused such trouble.
All gussied up for dinner!

True New York glamor! What a catch!
   It was far and away more than what we expected. It was sooo fancy. The first thing to catch Tarra was the mention of a sommelier. She was worried he said something about Somalia. I assured her that he was just the nice man bringing the booze. Tarra got some fancy salmon (best smoked salmon ever!) and a beautiful pork chop with Omegang Au Jus. I had duck bites and a trout something-or-other. Everything was small and fancy. We got the most beautiful desserts and a free chocolate one for our first dinner as a married couple.
Delicious is all I have to say!

Sorbet and fig and some pastry thing. Pretty good!

Pear and honey deliciousness!
  It was nice, but I think the snottyness was more than we could take. There were few wines under $500 on the wine list (and one that was $12,000 [more than I make in a year]). It was more than a little off-putting people would spend like that when there are so many with so little. All in all the experience was worth it, for the cocktails alone, but the 1% can have their snottery, I'll make what they did in the comfort of my own home where I can invite friends with jeans, share with the cats, and we can talk as loud as we want thank you.
  We didn't want the night to end so we stopped back into the Bowery House Kitchen for some drinks. Tarra got the oldest beer in the world and I got another glass of wine and we just hung out until we could barely keep our eyes open.

One last trip up to the roof for a nighttime view of the city- and it was off to bed. I can't think of anything that could have made that day more special. We wish we could relive it everyday and basque in that sort of true happiness that we had that day. It was just all so lovely.

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