Monday, October 8, 2012

T-minus 12

I'm hanging out on our bed, in between two suitcases- Bon Iver on the radio while I'm taking a break from sewing. I have made Tarra her veil and shirt and my skirt and veil. That leaves me one skirt to go. We've got someone to take care of the cats and bought extra cat sand and a 10 day fish feeder. Somehow, they all know we're leaving and haven't left our sides, well, except the fish, though, I am sure if he could follow me, he would. We're busy and task oriented but making room for tiny bursts of excitement. We are t-minus 12 hours until take-off and probably nowhere near half as ready as we should be. Though, we don't ever do anything quite the right way ever anyway.
  This trip falls somewhere in the in between of our lives, our young adult lives are coming to a close. College and roommates are slowly slipping out of recent memory. We have quit our depressing part time gigs that are now part of a hilarious sitcom- underemployed. On the other side of this trip we'll be married, celebrating our first holidays together, moving into a decent sized home and beginning to chase down our dreams with full speed. We're talking about kids and farms and even buying a new couch (as opposed to second hand and dumpstered). Things are changing fast!
  We hope to keep you all updated here so we can keep you as close as possible. We'll have something in the spring so we can keep you all together as well! Thank you all so much!

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