Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We took off mid morning from Ithica and headed to our first bed and breakfast. Neither of us have stayed at a B&B so we were super excited. But first- Breakfast! We went to Little Tree orchards to go apple picking. We were greeted in the barn with hot, sweet, apply musk...THEY MAKE THEIR OWN CIDER DONUTS!  We got hot cider and donuts and enjoyed them with our new friend.
Moon Shadow was much sweeter than this picture suggests .

Apple cider and donuts with friends.
Apple picking was so fun. Apparently though we were at the tail end and there wasn't much left. Their season starts in July. The apples left took a bit of effort to collect.
Not very glamorous work...

Almost there...

A full half-peck bag! Apples for every meal

After that it was time for wine!  Our first stop though was at a distillery. It was amazing! We've never booze tasted, and we could tell after three tastes why it hasn't caught on as a thing...We settled on a gin and a maple liquor. Suuuper tastey!Wine tasting was a different story. I could go into detail about how each winery disappointed me, but I will tell you instead about two wines I think characterize the NY wine experience. The first is a famous brand: Hazlitt's Red Cat. The story goes that two parents started stomping these grapes in their front yard years ago to make this wine. It really caught on when their boys kept stealing some to take to their hot tub parties. The boys noticed the more wine the girls drank- they less clothes they wore. There was born a chant, which I couldn't quite hear over my brain begging me to clarify with our server, "So, you're telling me: if it wasn't for date rape you wouldn't have convinced anyone to drink this kool-aid flavored roach killer?". I refrained and looked down at our palate clenser- which was popcorn with artificial color and flavoring. I decided my opinions were lost here. We gave a few more wines a try- to be fair- and because we paid our $3 already. The next was another of their famous wines. It was also terrible. The whole time at each winery I kept waiting to hear, "SLAP THE BAG!". I didn't. These people seemed to be enjoying themselves. I won't be loud and ruin their time. I chose to silently judge instead.
The bottle should have given it away that this was a bad experience waiting to happen.
Plus side of the trip? This awesome mantis and my bag of buffalo cheese curds. 

They couldn't do wine, but man that rootbeer!

 Our bed and breakfast was lovely though. The people were great and the room was so cute! Their dogs maybe, were overly friendly and made it hard for us to park. The big one got both front paws up on our window and barked at Tarra. It was a lovely greeting.
Our own Ches Lounge.
Bluebird room!
Our fatgirl senses rooted these out!
Free sweet potato pie for our honeymoon! Sweet people! Great pie!
We also happened onto a super cute slow food restraunt that had just started. We had to wait awhile to be seated though because a kitten was stuck in someone's car and the whole wait staff was worried for it. Sweet people! So, our summary of the Finger Lakes so far- great views, friendly people, TERRIBLE wine.

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