Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A Thornberry apple. Cute surprise of pink inside!
Ithica in the daylight was beautiful. We lucked out, as always, and the Farmer's Market was that morning. OUR PEOPLE! The first booth was a man that made wine from his blueberries. It was fantastic. The nose was very jammy, but it was full bodied and complex! Who would have thought!? We bought a semi-dry and a port. One is a gift and the other is for Thanksgiving. We got our first taste of New York apples too.
  We were picking out a chutney for Thanksgiving as well and sampling flavors like: apricot ginger, cherry, blueberry orange (which we picked)... they were all so wonderful! The farming couple made these from the fruits they grew. These guys were also the nicest people.  We mentioned we flew out from California to get married and they were so excited for us they gave us our jar for free as a wedding present. We got warm hugs too! They had to fly out to Connecticut a few years back to be married; it was nice to share an experience like that. 
 We were so excited about everything maple too! There is some maple spread coming someone's way! Candles and honey for someone else! Our favorite find was the soap people. They grow their own oil plants like sunflower to make these soaps! There's a bar for someone coming home soon!
  Our lunch plan may have been one of the highlights of my life. Yeah, our wedding too...whatever. MOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEWWOOOOOOOOODD! The books have become such a part of my culinary life, now we just happen to visit the town where this place was born!

Look! A moose in Moosewood! Cuuute!
Caribbean Roti and Spicy Peanut noodle! We even got fresh juie1

Mecca. The Grail. My grail anyway.

The food was amazing! We even got a new book: Sundays at Moosewood! So excited to get home and cook up a vegetarian storm!
  We headed just outside of town to Watkins Glenn for some falls Tarra wanted to visit. We had a hard time getting internet so we had to wing it and follow signs. We found a parking area that wanted us to pay to park. It seemed right, but Tarra asked if this was the falls. "It's the only thing we've got here, so yes." It would have been a sad statement had the falls not been so fucking awesome. I'll let the pictures tell the story.



No caption necessary. But Lol might do.

No! Tarra Dooon't throw the map in the river!

So pretty in person...

I am so lucky I get to kiss her in such pretty places. 

 We hiked for hours around the gorge until it was almost dark. We drove back and grabbed a bite and settled in early to take it easy. My knee had been bugging me...couldn't have been all the walking...

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