Sunday, October 14, 2012


We had to check out after our big day. We had a few more stops so we left our bags in the hands of the Bowery staff and hit the city for one last hurrah. We took the subway to Central Park for a brisk walk.
Never take a walk without back-up snacks.

Chocolate Raspberry!

Chocolate hazelnut checkerboard!

We kept to the west side and made it about half way before we had to get back so we could get out of the city and to our rental car.
Soo pretty!


John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields.

We made a pit stop to the oldest bakery in NY- Poseidon. Oh, the thick, chunky nut spiced interior! The flakey pastry! All bathed in a generous bath of sticky honey! Delicious! We also managed to make a pit stop somewhere in Hell's Kitchen to harass the Statue of Liberty. Funny thing though, I always thought she was much taller.
 We made it to Grand Central Terminal to catch our train out of the city to Nanuet, but were five minutes late. No biggie, there's more trains- to the Info Desk. Lady says go out to the bus. Bus says only going to Newark Airport. Go back in lugging bags. Consult different lady. After a few more bumbles and funny looks, we determined that "Naan-nu-et" is "Nan-yu-Et" and that small change means 15 minutes of wasted time and some serious irritation. Ok, to Penn Station then. Taxies ask where we are going, then drive on. GAAAHHH! Finally, we get in one only to be scolded about getting in on the wrong side of the road. Sorry cabby, didn't realize two extra turns was going to ruin your day. Some construction, since ALL of the city is under construction, blocked our cabbies way and we lugged our things 5 more blocks to a giant train station, and two transfers later, were on the right train.

Oh Dear God where do we go!?

  We got to our stop, were picked up, rented a car and were on our way the two hours to Ithica. Oh, Tarra means 4 hours. No worries, it's only 6pm on a scenic drive. Blah.... Luckily, Upstate people really dig their electronic music and we raved our way through the darkness only slightly regretting we couldn't see the trees. We passed our hotel at least 12 times before getting in and tucking in for the evening. What a day.

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