Saturday, October 13, 2012


  I'll start here. It has been a few days, I know, it may feel like weeks for both of us! So much has happened, believe me my ankle and knee are letting me know about it! For our first day in NY city we got up and out early (as early as communal bathrooms on the lower floor would allow). We skipped coffee and breakfast and walked the mile south to the courthouse. After a bit of bureaucracy we had our license and could return in 24 hours. It went so much quicker than we thought, we had the whole day to see as much as we could.
Free giant cup of coffee please!
 Coffee was definitely on the agenda. We headed back to the Bowery House Kitchen to fuel our walking.
  After a quick change of shoes (mine were going to give me a blister) we were off to Katz Delicatessen.  We had chosen it because it was named the best Deli. We had set out in NY to do the best of the best. We wanted to see and eat what the city did best. Delis are absolutely one of them. This Deli though was not just the best, it was THE deli. You know the one from When Harry Met Sally (I don't think we had what she had though, but it was close). Tarra asked for a Katz's pastrami, the guy behind the counter told her she could have her Katz's pastrami on a Katz's plate and Katz's pickles- everything here was Katz's. Jokesters.

With bagels to go!
Any bread with your beef?

  We set out then to go to the Met. This meant the first tour of the city via subway. It was fast paced and bewildering, but dare I say cleaner than BART. Also, another plus for the whole city was far fewer homeless, and for those who were, they were much nicer. Also, and aside to this aside, New Yorkers were super nice. Nicer than yesterday. Well, except the man who wouldn't let us bring bagels into the Met. The pigeons were pleased with the bits we couldn't stuff in our faces.
Many of the stops had beautiful murals.
   The museum was  everything I could have ever dreamed. Van Gough, Matisse, Mucha, Klee, Hopper, O'keife, Warhol, Renoir...Everything I ever saw in my art books, it was all here! (well, a lot of it anyway!).
"organic shapes" both the artist and I appreciate.

Some art takes some adjusting to view in the correct context.

Pretty great stuff.

Tarra contemplating Rothko. Yes, it is art.

Cool mirror installation.

Candy installation honoring the artist's lover lost to AIDS. You could take a candy out of the pile and it would be replenished. It represented the wasting away of his partner and allows him to be reborn when the candy is refilled.
Faint similarity to the movie Idiocracy. We kept waiting for Ouch My Balls to play on one of the screens
Accidentally derped onto this street. 

For dinner it was New York style pizza! We braved Time's Square for it. The bartender was super excited we were getting married and made us a wedding cake shot. Super delicious! It was so nice to have everyone be so excited for us everywhere we went!
Crispy, Cheesy perfection!

You're my future wiiife Taaaarrrrraaa.
 The Lion King was next. We skipped out of the restaurant and up the street to Broadway to the Minskoff Theatre. The inside was so beautiful and we were filed in to our seats. We were warned it would be hard to remain dry-eyed for the opening. It was a pretty accurate warning. It was SO AMAZING. So many beautiful costumes! The whole stage came up and let Pride Rock spiral out towards the ceiling. There were flying kite-like birds on sticks and people on stilts! So awesome.
Add caption
  The last agenda item of the night was boquet making for the big day. We found a 24 hour floral shop (gotta love NY) and bought some stargazer lillies, green dahlias, hydrangeas and miscellany.  We spent the next hour in the most impossibly tiny hostel with our non-roof lattice roof using floral wire, tape, floral cutters to make our bouquets.
Hey, this is totally still a great's only midnight.

Don't touch the cup
 We got to bed around 1a.m. knowing we had to be up at 6... we rarely do things any other way.

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