Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Wedding Registry

Our decision to get married now was anything but planned. It was only after many debates that we even decided we wanted to tackle this legal debacle. Though, we've covered that previously and in hilarious detail in previous posts. Though, what we haven't talked about is how much sense this move makes to us financially. We've crunched some numbers, piled our savings, and came up with- THIS MAKES NO SENSE.  But, school, marriage, kids- we do these things because we love, not because we can afford. I don't know that we can emotionally afford not to do this. We wish we could make this happen here, but New York is the only place we can make this legal. Though, we realize that we have a large and supportive family made of people we've chosen to be in it together with us. We have cherished your input, encouragement, and relied on your support for all the challenges we've faced just trying to be in love in a world that isn't really all ready for us. So, I think we can ask for your support again.
 Most people register at Pottery Barn and Sur La Table, but, anyone who has visited us knows we don't need more things. One day, when we are getting BIG married, when it is legal in California- we'll invite everyone and join our love and our families, and by god will I register for a standing kitchen mixer! But, right now there is no where to put it, so maybe we can compromise.
  We have registered at PayPal. Please, what you would have spent on a gift, we could use in cash to pay for hotels, renting a car, taking a week-plus off of work, and all the little things. Thank you again for always being there. We'll keep you updated!

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